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Before It Came To New York, Space Shuttle Enterprise Flew Over The Roman Forum

Illustration for article titled Before It Came To New York, Space Shuttle emEnterprise/em Flew Over The Roman Forum

These days, photos of Space Shuttles piggybacking on 747’s tend to signal their last trips. For Enterprise, the prototype Shuttle used by NASA to test the concept, one of those last trips came almost thirty years ago.


After critical tests were completed Enterprise was retired then flown around the world to various air shows. One of those trips took the spaceship to the 1983 Paris Air Show.


On its way there, the assembly of jet and spaceship flew over Rome, where Apollo-era NASA photographer Terry Slezak was vacationing with his wife. Slezak captured Enterprise as she flew over the ruins of the Roman Forum. 28 years later, the spaceship was attached to her 747 one last time to come to New York City to rest.

Hat tip to Scanzen.

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I'm really pissed about this too. No disrespect to NYC, but the climate and atmosphere has nothing to do with the hard work and dedication to the people of Houston, Cape Canaveral FL. even the folks in CA's NASA Ames had more to do with the Shuttle than NYC.