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In an attempt to restore (or revive?) the dignity of American six-bangers (wither, Buick GNX?), Shelby Automobiles created the CS 6 concept, which debuted at the SEMA show last month. Instead of twin turbos, however, the Shelbites turned to a Paxton supercharger to boost horsepower from around 210 to 350+. The concept highlights what can be had for a fee: the Stage 1 package ($5499) includes all cosmetic enhancements, and Stage 2 ($14,999) comes with both cosmetics and performance enhancements. Hmm, with the GT500 Mustang Shelby Cobra coming in at under $40,000 next year, will the market bear such a novelty? Maybe as a sleeper for rich, eccentric hairdressers (oh, that's cold).

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