This Is What It’s Like To Go To Rally School

Want to be a better driver? Go to rally school. Want to be a racecar driver? Go to rally school. Want to just have an insanely awesome vacation? Go to rally school, just like one Jalopnik reader did.

This is reader BrtStlnd taking a training run at DirtFish rally school up in Washington. We're big fans of DirtFish, having learned how to Scandinavian flick there, and we listed it as one of the ultimate vacations for car lovers.


If you have any questions for Brt, like how he planned the trip, how difficult it is to drive a rally car, and what it would take for you to go yourself, ask in the comments and he'll reply to you.

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Raphael Orlove

Brt, all said and done, did you really learn something about driving, or was it just an awesome time in some rally cars?