Is This The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Edition?

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Mercedes has put a number of heavily disguised cars through high altitude testing this week outside Denver.


While the A45 AMG was one notable car present, another car that may actually be sold in America was spotted as well: an SLS with huge fender flares, manufacturer's plates, and a boatload of body cladding.

We cannot definitively say that this is the SLS AMG Black and we aren't going to hazard a guess at the specs, either. But, from what we can see, we are able to deduce that this SLS is wider, blacker, and AMG-er than the standard car.

Maybe this — and not a Diesel SLS — will be heading to Paris?

Hat tip and Photo Credit to Musashi66!


Idiot that sold his 6.2 Raptor

I'm just wondering why they taped over the hood emblem but left the HUGE emblem in the grill exposed... I thought that the Germans were more CDO than that.