Diesel Mercedes SLS AMG CDI Coming To Paris? (UPDATE: Of Course Not)

Illustration for article titled Diesel Mercedes SLS AMG CDI Coming To Paris? (UPDATE: Of Course Not)

My favorite crazy ass rumor of the day comes from Polish car news site Moto.pl, who is reporting that this year we'll see a Mercedes SLS AMG with a six-cylinder, triple-turbocharged diesel engine at the Paris Motor Show. A Mercedes SLS CDI, maybe?


The site insists it isn't a typo, but I'm wary of this news. I remember driving Audi's attempt — the Audi R8 V12 TDI Le Mans — and being disappointed when they didn't build it (although, rumors suggest a comeback).

Of course, if they can build an electric one how crazy is a diesel model? Just crazy enough for us to fall in love. Especially if it has the rumored 400 hp and billion lb-ft of torque.

I'm not saying I'd get naked and roll around on the floor with one but, oh, wait… where'd my pants go?


UPDATE: Skepticism confirmed. It's not happening.



Yes please.

Finally, the SLS Tractor Pull Edition! Just in case you wanted to tow your spare parts to the racetrack in style, lap for a bit, drive two days across the country (without stopping for fuel) to the Concours d'Elegance to show you have too much money, and then piss in your gas tank to make the thing keep going.