'Engagement Ring In Catbox' Leads Zipcar User On Twitter Manhunt

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Over the weekend, writer (and Jezebel founder) Anna Holmes was using car-sharing service Zipcar, as many New York dwelling, car-less people do, when she discovered the last driver had left a notebook in the car.


Instead of just ignoring it, Anna took a look at the notebook and saw the entertaining phrase "Engagement Ring in Catbox" and tweeted it out. At the beginning, she didn't think there was any chance that the owner of the notebook would see the tweet and instead just saw it as a funny sentence that made for a good laugh.

What Anna didn't know was that the one tweet would start a chain reaction that proved the true power of Twitter and social media.

Before social media, there were a couple choices of how to treat the notebook. Anna could have either called Zipcar and had them deal with it or she could have ignored it and let the next driver choose what to do. Either way, the owner of the notebook had just as good of a shot at getting it back. Social media has added another option.

Here's the entire exchange, complete with happy ending, Storified for your reading pleasure.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Anna Holmes


Every time I see a story talking about how amazing and powerful twitter is at getting information out I am so disappointed after reading it. It seems the entire exchange was ultimately to find out pointless details about someone's life which nobody else could possibly care about. This entire episode will quickly be forgotten.

Please stop making Twitter out to be some magical information source that brings the world together. Twitter is a novelty and still isn't interesting.