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Oh you Europeans. Torque, torque, torque. Always with the torque: direct-injection diesels maxing below two grand, five-bangers with a stump-pulling span more than 3,000rpm wide. (All the while we sit in our imitation Recaros with our feet planted to the floor and our right arm flailing like half a cymbal-playing monkey.) As for that second example, while we can experience that wide T5 torque band in the Volvo S40, Europeans get the Focus ST — a model as different from the US-spec ZX3 as a 1995 BMW 3-Series is to a 2005 model. (See? There's some respect there). Ford claims we'll be getting the same C1/P1-platform Focus as Europe someday, and hopefully in ST trim. In the meantime, Edmunds tells the tale.

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