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We have to say that while we thought Hyundai's last generation of designs were all kinds of wrong, the company's really starting to get it right now. Yes, their new vehicles are middle-of-the-road bland, but the price factor is still compelling, and the quality is really there. So, in the tradition of Ikea and Target, the Korean automaker spirited away Joel Piakowski and Tom Kearns from GM to work their magic at Hyundai and Kia, respectively.

AutoWeek spent some time with the two, and the biggest indicator to us that Hyundai's really doing things right that comes from the piece is Piakowski's statement that he was compelled to join the company because of the ugliness of the original Santa Fe. The Koreans are ever-closer to nailing it, and as far as we're concerned, after years of skepticism, we'll willingly admit that the boys are loaded for bear.


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