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NASCAR wunderkind and sometime "Live!" with Regis co-host, Jeff Gordon was tagged by the New York Daily News's gossipy Daily Dish. According to a "lowdown spy," Gordon was "literally surrounded by women" at a Parisian nightclub, where he stayed until 3am, a level of carousal the News implies may have led to Gordon getting outgunned by WRC star Sebastien Loeb in the next day's Race of Champions. Still, Gordon turned in the fastest times in each event, but lost to Loeb when his Renault Megane balked at the starting line, which kind of makes such a story an, er, non-story. As one well-known automotive columnist told us, the whole thing smells like a NASCAR-planted bid for a more cosmopolitan profile. (Oh and maybe to prove he's not gay.) Maybe they'd be better off replacing his Pepsi sponsorship with one from Georges Duboeuf. [Thanks to Richard for the tip.]

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