Camaro 1LE Sets A 2:58.34 Lap At VIR, But Does Anyone Care?

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Earlier today, Chevrolet announced that the new Camaro 1LE can do a lap around the Grand Course at Virginia International Raceway in 2:58.34.


I guess congratulations are in order?

Unlike the Nurburgring, VIR is not a benchmark circuit for manufacturers and doesn't have the marketing panache that a lap time at the Nordschleife has.


Now, there is no doubt that a 2:58 is a quick time at this track at VIR. It is within spitting distance of the 2:58.2 the Corvette Z06 set in 2005 and faster than the vastly more powerful Mustang GT500 and sporty Boss 302.

But does anyone care? When people need to explain the details of the track and where it falls on the list, it instantly goes from interesting to boring, and even sounds a little nerdy.

For the regular VIR track day crowd, this is probably a big deal, but to the general public — even those that will be buying the 1LE for its handling credentials — there is too much research and explanation needed for this to be relevant.

Check out the lap and let us know if you think this lap time at VIR will sell some cars.


Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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I Hate American Cars

No, no one cares because it's so slow. It's a minute slower than a GT-R's average lap time.