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We've got a perverse fascination with the Australian auto industry, as it's an odd microcosm all its own, with bespoke models that aren't simply rebadged American or European vehicles. It's also how the Lancer marque traveled from Dodge to Mitsubishi, which is somewhat of an interesting course in and of itself. Of course, Mitsu's been in a bit of trouble lately, and slow sales of their new Galant-based 380 model in Oz aren't helping things much. So what do the Mitsubishis do? They stand firm. Well, sort of.

They're mulling a no-cost option package and lashing out at Ford and Holden's incentive plans meant to clear out overstock instead. When you can't discount or build a must-have car, be a petulant bitch. That's what we always say, anyway.

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