Watch A Bugatti Veyron Get Pulled Over By A Bicycle Cop

Just because your Bugatti Veyron has 1,001 horsepower and a top speed of over 200 miles an hour, doesn't mean you can outrun the long arm of the law. Or even a London bike cop for that matter.

The Bugatti is slowly pulled over by a London bike cop for not having a front license plate. Good thing the driver had the Veyron's high-downforce rear wing deployed for just this kind of high speed maneuver.


The video uploader supercarsoflondon described the incident.

Definition of Irony? 1001bhp Veyron being stopped by a Policeman on a push bike!!! This is a rare site for a car like this to be pulled over. The Olympics definitely means more police. This incident only occurred due to no front number plate! Policeman wasting everyones time!!

Waste of time or no, it's amazing to see 1,001 horsepower get outpaced by less than a single horsepower of swift British justice.

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Amazing. Engineers spend millions of dollars on aerodynamics for the Veyron and then the law requires you to put a friggin front license plate.