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It's an Infiniti! It's a Nissan! It's an Infiniti! (ad infinitum). Apparently someone's sources are FOS (ask your military friends what that means). Anyway, they've got a 50% chance of being on the money. AutoWeek reports the next-generation Skyline GT-R will get an Infiniti badge in the US, according to two sources inside Nissan. Sources also say the twin-turbo, AWD vehicle will be a 2008 or 2009 model and sell for around $65,000. It's a clientele issue: in-house studies reportedly indicate buyers would be put off by shopping for such a car at a Nissan dealership. Still, Nissan has a stronger performance image in the states than Infiniti, which isn't exactly the most efficacious luxury-sport brand, either. Nissan should just stick a few Nismo stickers on the door, hire a few racer types to front for the car, and it'll fly off the shelves.

GT-R Going Upscale: Next-gen Skyline to be sold as Infiniti in U.S., sources say [AutoWeek]

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