Meet The Man Who Built A Racetrack In His Front Yard

You remember Alan Wilzig, the guy who built the sick racetrack in his front yard (or back yard, if you hear him tell it)? Now you can meet him and get an exclusive and private tour Wilzig Racing Manor. On video, at least.

For This episode of Jalopnik on DRIVE, we hung out with Wilzig for a whole day, getting a tour of the track (in the orange Maserati his wife once drove, until she decided on a Mini Cooper Convertible) hearing his stories and getting a tour of his own, amazing private motorsports Idaho (it sure seems that big).


The amazing thing about hearing car people talk about their motivations in their own words, it's never lacking in surprises. And think what you will about Wilzig; you may still change your opinion when you meet him.

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Rich: doing it right. Hats off to you sir.

I know i'll never have enough money to do this, but i could see maybe someday having enough money to have an unpaved "rally track" on a piece of property. I'd settle for that.