Would You Drive A Subaru BRZ Across The Continent?

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If you hadn't noticed, we're fans of the Subaru BRZ, having given it a 76. But is the down-on-power, corner-carving Japanese car something you'd drive across the continent?


Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask if you yourself would drive one.

Something about this photo from our friend Ian Merrit — lover of all things automotive — that screams adventure. And not just LA-to-NY kind of adventure. Think Cancun-to-Kaktovik.

Think you could pilot a BRZ that far?

Photo Credit: Ian Merritt


YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

Sure, I found it to work pretty well as a mini GT recently on a 1400 mile round trip to Hilton Head.

Good aspects:

- Averaged 34mpg with an average highway speed of 70 - 80mph (and part of that is through the Appalachians)

- Good in-car entertainment: XM radio, Bluetooth phone hands-free and song syncing.

- Built-in Sat Nav

- Fun to drive through winding Appalachian mountain passes

- Plenty of cargo capacity for the wife and I: a weeks worth of luggage, plus a cooler, day-pack, snorkel gear, and other miscellanea. We had room to spare with the seats folded down. (FYI: there is no good snorkeling in HH)

-Great seats. I did not get saddle-sore. For reference, my butt would start going numb after about 5 hours in my WRX.


- Could be a bit quieter, regarding wind/road noise, but I didn't find it fatiguing and it didn't impede conversation, just had to turn the stereo up a bit louder than in, say, a Buick.

-Suspension is great on the highway, but potholes and rough pavement off the highway is, well, typical of a sports car. So, I guess I wouldn't recommend the BRZ for a TRUE cross continental trip if much of the trip was on un-paved roads or poor-condition roads.