Would You Save This Pro Touring ’64 Chevelle From Life In A Garage?

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Someone is about to give you this pro touring '64 Chevelle SS for free. There is a catch: you never get to drive it. It gets trailered to car shows and garaged the rest of the year. Would you do it?

Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask if you yourself would drive one.

This outstanding '64 Chevelle resto rod was shot by Douglas Sonders, of Bugatti Sang Noir and Virginia chili fame. These '64s might have the most handsome styling Chevy put out in the 1960s, and this one looks capable of turning as well as going straight. That's a perfect muscle car right there.


Would you consider owning this car if you knew it would never see the street, like so many of this country's best hot rods? Or would you try to save it?

Photo Credit: Douglas Sonders Photography

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It's noisy, uncomfortable and you'll never be able to legally stretch its legs anyhow except at the dragstrip. For which it is too pretty and to make it faster, you'll have to make it ugly.

I'd be fine with garaging it to preserve the work done to it.