This Is The Wild New Spy Hunter Interceptor

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Video gamers of a certain age still adore over-the-top shooter Spy Hunter. It's a car. That hunts spies! Warner Brothers is re-rebooting the game for the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS next month and we've got two images of the new Interceptor.

There have been three other Spy Hunter Interceptors if you count the original Giugaro-esque wedge, the "Rock" random kit-car thing, and the Pontiac G8. This makes the latest interceptor approximately the fourth generation.


The trailer for the game shows the latest version can go off-road, over water, and on boring old land.

These new renders show off an aesthetic that's Audi R8 from the rear and Lamborghini Gallardo up front with a touch of Qvale Mangusta. The main difference being, of course, the Interceptor comes slightly better armed with multiple cannons, rocket pods, and some kind of roof-mounted Gatling Gun.


Despite the huge amount of money spent on development of the latest Interceptor, the radio only plays the "Peter Gunn Theme" on repeat. Also, the baddies seem to drive poorly disguised Ford Mustangs.


You can play the new game when it debuts in late October.

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Qvale Mangusta. I havn't heard that name in years... Do they even still make them? I always loved that they were powered by the Cobra Motors (Pre -Terminator)