$14.3M Vanity Plate Shatters Record, Makes Orphan Babies Cry

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Remember the guy from the United Arab Emirates that paid $6.8M for a vanity plate? His bid for a plate reading "5" set the world record. But that's kid's stuff. A new record has been set by UAE businessman Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri, who made a bid of $14,300,000 for Abu Dhabi license plate "1." If it were our money, we'd go for a fleet of a dozen Bugatti Veyrons and still have some scratch leftover to gold-plate all our drinking straws. However, in the UAE a low number plate is a serious status symbol. Apparently, if you have a number low enough, you've basically got immunity to do whatever you want. Besides, who doesn't want to be No. 1?


[via ABC News]



Dude you realize that the UAE is the most liberal country in the middle east, right?

I mean it's the only country in the middle east where women are allowed to wear bikinis at the beach.

Heck, if you want to you can even buy alcohol, although if you're a Muslim you wouldn't do it. But if you ever cared to ignore your religion, you could go get a liquor permit and drink all you want.

And heck, they even decided to let bars stay open DURING RAMADAN. You're not going to find that anywhere outside of the UAE in the Middle East (well, except the old Iraq I guess, since it was very secular).