$14.3M Vanity Plate Shatters Record, Makes Orphan Babies Cry

Remember the guy from the United Arab Emirates that paid $6.8M for a vanity plate? His bid for a plate reading "5" set the world record. But that's kid's stuff. A new record has been set by UAE businessman Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri, who made a bid of $14,300,000 for Abu Dhabi license plate "1." If it were our money, we'd go for a fleet of a dozen Bugatti Veyrons and still have some scratch leftover to gold-plate all our drinking straws. However, in the UAE a low number plate is a serious status symbol. Apparently, if you have a number low enough, you've basically got immunity to do whatever you want. Besides, who doesn't want to be No. 1?


[via ABC News]

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