An Ice Cream Truck Is A Bad Place To Buy And Sell Morphine

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Following up on a tip that drugs were being bought and sold in an Indian Orchard, Mass. parking lot, police saw a heroine deal go down in the unlikeliest of places — inside an ice cream truck with "Ding Dong Cart" printed on the side.


Sounds like a scene from a movie that was never made. The one were Cheech & Chong transition from space coke to heroine.

Springfield, Mass. police arrested Tricia Martins, 39, Joshua Gibbs, 26, and Sarah Christian, 33 after watching Martins get into the ice cream truck with Gibbs and Christian and leave with a bunch of money instead of ice cream. Martins allegedly sold a decent-sized batch of oxycontin and morphine pills to Gibbs and Christian.


The Ding Dong Cart actually had ice cream in it, so after she was arrested, police allowed Christian to call her father to come get the truck so that the ice cream wouldn't melt. She might have done better to worry about her brain melting from using opiates, but I guess people have different priorities. (Hat tip to VreeArrSix!)

Photo credit: Springfield Police via WWLP

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Holy crap, the one in the middle is 26! And the one on his left is 33! Its like these people found some sort of reverse fountain of youth.