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What It's Like To Own A Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach is too low, too wild to be built today. For an owner, though, is it too much to live with?


The man who keeps this white model grew up with a Countach poster above his bed. People climb out of windows to get cellphone pics at stoplights. It doesn't matter that when he pulls up to the drive-through with the windows down, the slot is so small that it can fit a quarter pounder but not a Big Mac.


We're just happy that he plans to keep this cocaine-white car on the road for as long as possible.

(Hat tip to Joshua!)

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My Uncle owns a 25th Anniversary Countach(with the wing), purchased new when it came out by his aunt as a gift to him.

He hates it. One time when I was 12, he picked me up from school in the car. I had no idea he was going to pick me up. It was my birthday and my mother told me that there would be a surprise when I left school, which usually means she pulls me out of class early and I get to go eat cake. This never happened and walking out of school I was a little disappointed. At the front of the school I was standing there looking for my Mom's van, which wasn't there. After a while, I noticed that there was a big gathering of kids in the parking lot. Seeing this, I decided to go check it out. In the middle of the crowd, I saw my Uncles black Countach with the doors open just sitting there, keys in ignition. I looked around for my Uncle but couldn't find him. I remember hearing the kids trying to figure out who's car it is, what kind of car it is, and how to start it. Literally, 30 minutes passes of 50 twelve year old kids just going crazy in, around, and beside the Countach before I found my uncle. He was just walking around in the park across the street.

I asked him, "Uncle Sam! Uncle Sam! Aren't you scared your car will get stolen?!"

To which he replied, "Well, if they can push the clutch in and get it started then I guess they deserve it." He let us little 12 year olds manhandle that car inside and out for over an hour. He didn't even watch us and what we were doing to the car.