This Motorized Baby Carriage Goes 50 MPH

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Home Improvement may be gone, but its legacy apparently lives on. Tim the Toolman Taylor's credo that adding a powerful motor will make anything better showed up in England of all places, where Colin Furze added a 125 cc motorcycle engine to a previously boring, leg powered baby carriage.

Furze designed and built the carriage while his girlfriend was pregnant with their now one-month-old son, who is allowed no where near his ingenious contraption. But regardless of the childcare regulations imposed by his mate, Furze has managed to break the Guinness speed record for baby carriages, which was a paltry 30 mph. His goes 50.

The stroller itself has three wheels, with the front wheel steering. There are also two wheels trailing the carriage that support a platform upon which the driver stands, and there's space for groceries and a beverage for the driver (if anyone elected to drunk-drive this insane conveyance, we think it would merely add injury to insult).


"It is really unstable when it goes at top speed and if you hit a rough bit in the road you are in danger of falling off, but so far I've managed not to crash," Furze told the Daily Mail.

It doesn't sound safe, but it is funny, and this isn't the weirdest thing we've seen someone slap a motor into. Besides, Furze used sheetmetal instead of the standard cloth for the carriage's basket and awning. What could go wrong?


Photo credit: Geoff Robinson

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This is the only thing that my wife could buy me to make me agree to another kid.