This Is Why The Dodge Business Coupe Means Business

I don't know about you, but I'd be okay with never seeing another '57 Chevy hot rod if I live to be 1,000 years old. But a Dodge business coupe? Why, yes.


In its day, Dodge's Wayfarer series, of which the business coupe was one of three variants, was a robust, low-priced econobox favored by non-nonsense types like plumbers and mafia hitmen. Most collectors hover around the roadster version like mustachioed vultures, but it's the notchback business coupe that looks the best when hot rodded in some fashion.

In this week's episode of Big Muscle, Mike Musto drives a '49 Wayfarer that's gotten some upgrades (including a Chevy small block) that make it the perfect daily driver for anyone with a penchant for the old, but who wouldn't be caught dead in a run-of-the-mill classic.

Its relative rarity may make the Wayfarer fresh to us, but for some errant mobsters, it was the last car they ever saw.



You had me until you said 'Chevy small block'.

Heresy! Heresy, I tells ya!!