What’s The Coolest Movie Jump?

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Most of the stunts cars pull in movies would result in absolutely catastrophic damage in real life, yet they mostly just drive away. Who cares? They look cool, bro.

The greatest things about cars in movies is that they don't have to follow any rules. Your VW just hit a wall? Don't worry, it'll be fine in the next scene. And yes, your Wagoneer can easily make it over a lava flow. But the most spectacular thing a movie car can do that a real one can't is jump. Or, more specifically, jump and survive.

In the BMW The Hire film series, the Driver (aka Clive Owen) gets some pretty stunning air in an E39 M5 coming off a highway ramp. If you haven't seen the short film, we suggest you check it out, as Mr. Owen's driving style causes a certain star to have a small accident. And in true movie jump fashion, the car just keeps on going as if nothing happened. (The director, Guy Ritchie, said that after they filmed the scene the leaping M5 never ran again.)


So well the BMW The Hire film series has a pretty sweet jump, it is by no means the coolest to have ever taken place. What is the most impressive, ridiculous, coolest jump a car's ever done in a movie? Tell us down below. Video or it didn't happen.

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If by "cool" you mean "retarded," this one is the bomb.