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It's an up and down day for Chery. Bad news first: they've issued a recall for their Oriental Son (It ain't me! It ain't me! I ain't no Party Member's son!) having to do with a faulty vanity mirror light that can stay on and drain the battery. It's the first recall by a Chinese domestic manufacturer since the nation's recall laws went into effect, and the automaker's execs are patting themselves on the back, rewarding their own bravery at the issuance. Way to go, kids! You get a smiley-face stamp!

Good news? GM has dropped its suit against Chery, allowing the company to continue to make and sell the QQ, which Chevrolet decried as a virtual clone of its own Daewoo-sourced Spark/Matiz. Mr. Malcolm Bricklin says that his Visionary Vehicles will import the QQ to the US, beginning in 2007. Ironic, a copy of a foreign-market Chevrolet vehicle designed by a Korean manufacturer and built by the Chinese. Sheebus, all of this globalizin' and and IP law bidness is making our poor, addled little head spin. Is it Thursday yet?

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