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"GM will be paying any idled workers who don't take retirement 75% of their pay. That alone stands to cost the ailing auto giant $500 million this year." GM's Slimmed-Down Economy Model [Business Week]

"Union leaders said their members had cooperated closely with Detroit's automakers over the years to improve quality and productivity — and were being penalized for poor strategic decisions."
Embaddled UAW in Fight for its Future [The Detroit News]

"The job cuts at GM and the closing of all or part of a dozen plants over the next three years still will leave the automaker with the capacity to build more cars and trucks than it is selling."
GM's Big Overhaul — Will it Be Enough? [San Francisco Chronicle]

"Will Rick Wagoner survive his own purge at General Motors Corp.? Or will he be bought out, retired early or shown the door like so many of his long-serving GM brethren?"
TOM WALSH: GM turnaround tests Wagoner leadership [The Detroit Free Press]

"Shock and awe ..."
Plant Closings Stun GM Employees [The Washington Post]