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For a wronged consumer, facing down insurance companies (motto: what we don't own, you don't freaking need) in court is daunting. But the fear of a flannel-suited squadron of lawyers isn't stopping one guy from attempting to wring satisfaction out of State Farm. It seems the man bought a certified pre-owned Honda Civic whose pre-ownership, the man later discovered, included being totaled and sold as salvage back into the market. At auction, State Farm had left off the car's salvage history — along with those of 30,000 other wrecks — an incident that ended in a cash settlement with the State of Pennsylvania. That settlement provided the Civic owner with $2700 to offset the loss in value of his (now valueless) $14,000 Civic. Nice try, State Farm. See you in court. And you can have your keychain back thank you very much.

Consumer sues State Farm for selling salvage cars without disclosure [Leftlane News]

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