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Oh you lucky VW bug owners, you. Aint it Cool News is giving away some of those large magnetic 53s that set Herbie apart from your basic, can't-find-reverse early '60s v-dub. The first seven people who e-mail a picture of themselves standing next to their bug will win one of the magnets, subject to editorial discretion (or lack thereof). Of course, there are ground rules: "I'm gonna need to you to be flipping off the camera with one hand and giving the peace sign with the other," just like Alanis Morissette (or was that Jim Morrison?). Anyway, the bird-of-peace deal is to keep bugless entrants from just finding pics online and sending them in with malice aforethought. Get on it.

Do you own love bug? Do you want to turn it into Herbie? This contest's for you!! [Ain't It Cool News]

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