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We bring you the following picture as a public service announcement. It was taken by an actual girl we were on an actual date with. Recently, even. It was a very good date. And we were in a borrowed press-fleet car, which our date mightily enjoyed. However, the advice offered by the people who set up Ford's "Life in Drive" speed-dating events say that showing up in a borrowed car for a date is a no-no.

Then again, the press release we're referring to also quotes one of The Rules girls, and we've always been sort of the Harry Callahan of love. Maybe that's why we can't seem to hang on to a girlfriend. Or our badge. But our borrowed cars get us mad dates! Did we mention that there're Ford Fusion Speed-Dating Events? We suppose it could be worse. They could be Used Lada Samara Speed-Dating Events. Maybe they have those in Canada.


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