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James Bond's legendary DB5 from Goldfinger and Thunderball is up for auction at RM's Arizona event in Scottsdale on January 20th. Featuring .30 cal Browning machine guns, an oil-slick nozzle, hydraulic ram bumpers, smokescreen generator and revolving plates, the Bond car is basically equipped just as Connery woulud remember it. Unfortunately, the famous ejection seat has been replaced by a non-operational model, which deserves a hearty "Feh!" and a grouchy "Humbug!" Freakin' safety Nazis. Also up for bids are Al Capone's '28 Cad and a '64 Bonneville built for Hank Williams, covered in silver dollars and six-shooters. Dollars to donuts, we'll bet without further research that the damn B'ville's a Nudie creation. [Thanks to Nixie...Nixie Galore for the tip.]

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