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Our pal Dave does a wicked Chris Economaki impression, spurred on by the time ol' Chris looked at his obviously-Middle Eastern last name on a pit pass and asked what tribe he was from. Quoth Dave: "The Germans weren't really as bad as everyone thinks. I mean, the Me 262? I mean, it's the DC-9! And what they learned from the Komet program directly translates into their expertise in USAC Sprint Car competition!" Apparently, Tony Stewart's familiarity with the diminutive Me 163 rocket interceptor is lacking, as he pitched in and spun wrenches with his USAC team at Manzanita Speedway, and by his own admission, "Did an A.J. Foyt to them, basically. I got wrenches in my hands and started changing things, and we proceeded to take two cars that started relatively close to the front and proceeded to make them look like they had dropped anchor."

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