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Given the state's high Mormon population and weak beer, Utah probably worries less about loaded drivers than many other states. But the latest argument in the state with the self-proclaimed "greatest snow on Earth" revolves around loaded guns in cars. While 60,000 Utahns legally carry loaded guns in their vehicles by virtue of having qualified for concealed-carry permits, right-to-arm-bears bear-arms activists are pushing for all of the state's citizens to be able to legally carry loaded guns in their vehicles.

While we're generally not into a whole lot of government regulations, if you need a license to drive a car, we think it's only right that you have one that says you know how to safely handle a firearm without experienced supervision. We don't own any firearms ourselves, although we do enjoy a trip to the shooting range; we're definitely not anti-Second Amendment, but we are pro-common sense, and Utah's current law strikes us as common sense.


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