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While the '40 Ford is a little late for our rodding tastes, there's no denying that this a brilliant pun-based concept and concepts that start with a pun are our stock in trade; they're generally the only kinds of concept cars we ever imagine in our addled little writerly heads. Plus, the body's made out of copper, which seems to be one of the newer trends in the custom bike world, although we haven't seen much of it in the hot rod industry other than in the bed box of Royce Glader's '29 Ford Roadster Pickup.

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Of note is the nutball blown 5.4L mod motor plucked straight from a Ford GT. Oh, and the body panels were formed in a former MiG factory in Poland. Kudos to Kirkham Motorsports and Ford for coming up with one of the more original rods we've seen in a long, long time. And no Shonna, we never did quite see up your skirt.

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