With beautiful styling, an efficient gas/electric drivetrain, and badass gullwing doors, the Opel Monza could be the showroom hit of 2013. Except it's just a concept, and nobody will build it.

Designed to showcase what Opel could do if it really gave a crap, the Monza will exist just as a piece of eye candy at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. The whole idea is to give everyone a sense of Opel's future design language. Judging by the smooth curves, handsome grill, and neat proportions, there's a lot to look forward to.

There's also a cool take on the GM Volt drivetrain. The Monza gets the same battery and electric drive system as the Volt and Opel Ampera, only there's a 1.0 liter three cylinder natural gas engine. It's like a Lohner-Porsche brought into the modern age.

But the broad gullwing doors (a concept car staple since the 1950s) will go, the three-cylinder engine will go (reports The Telegraph), and the floating high resolution LED display that stretches across the dash will go, too.

If Opel was a startup car company looking to break into the global market, you could expect these features on their production car. Since Opel is a money-bleeding arm of GM, we'll have to settle for nothing more than styling touches trickling down to the usual standard family sedans and hatchbacks.


But hey, at least we'll probably get whatever future Opel this turns into as a Buick also.

Photo Credits: AP, Getty Images, Opel