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The new Cadillac DTS will get a feature us Northern types devise in our heads each winter, as we scratch at ice-glazed windshields until our ungloved fingers look like tiny, veal sausages. The Cadillac flagship will get a new windshield-wash system that heats fluid to 176 degrees in 40 seconds, then shoots it across the windshield. Along with the wipers, the scorching liquid clears snow, ice (as well as bugs and other messes) from the windshield within a swipe or two. Just this once we'd almost considering buying outside our demographic (and out of our price range) just to get our mottled, freezer-burned hands on the system. Should grandma and grandpa get all the perks? What is this, China? [Update: Our buddy Justin says the Buick Lucerne will also get heated washer fluid in '06. Of course, the Buick folks had to be tricky (and somewhat naughty) and call the system Hotshot. Gawrsh.]

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