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Today we've got two playlists that are so incredibly great that if y'all don't step up right away, they're definitely gonna walk away with the the runner-up prizes. We're announcing the winner tomorrow, but you've still got time. If you think you can outdo these two, by all means, give it a shot. You'll walk off with some cool stuff from Gearhead Records as well as the knowledge that you're most certainly one of the rockingest automotive aficionados around, and definitely more worthy of your own model of Land Rover than P. Diddy. Once again, the rules.

Reader Justin bursts forth with a really solid compendium of trax to accompany the C43 AMG, noting that our original list may have influenced him. Do you hear that automakers? We're influential. Kowtow, ye titans of industry, kowtow!


1. Death From Above 1979 Losing Friends
2. Stiff Little Fingers Suspect Device
3. Sex Pistols Bodies
4. Misfits Hybrid Moments
5. - Public Enemy Night Of The Living Baseheads
6. The Saints I'm Stranded
7. Jawbreaker Do You Still Hate Me?
8. QOTSA Millionaire
9. Slayer Reign In Blood
10. White Stripes Black Math
11. Bad Religion Generator
12. Refused Anything Off The Shape Of Punk To Come
13. Anything Off En Garde Criteria
14. "Thomas The Tank Engine Theme Song" (My son would be in the backseat...I mean there had to be a reason I got rid of an R32 to drive the 4-door Hammer.)
15. Ted Leo/Pharmacists The Great Communicator

Very solid, Justin. Nice, semi-obscure Jawbreaker, track, one of the better numbers from Ted Leo's magical The Tyranny of Distance (silly Ted Leo side note "Biomusicology" from that record was supposed to be our wedding march (when we were supposed to get married)) and Slayer! One note though, the Slayer album is called Reign in Blood. "Raining Blood" is the song title. Still, it's one of the finest displays of Spooky Hornet Metal ever recorded. And in the interest of full disclosure, we've let fly with the same brain fart numerous times.

Yes! Finally, somebody with a Unimog list!

As for the vehicle, although the "Funmog" is the ironic Mercedes of choice, I would most likely actually like driving the AMG E55 Wagon. How I would love pulling up to some 7-Series or Audi A8L blasting Zounds. A ridiculous car and Anarcho Punk, the ultimate combination.

1. The Band "Jawbone"
2. Palace Brothers "Work Hard - Play Hard"
3. The Clash "Police On my Back"
4. Gorilla Biscuits "Competition"
5. Guided by Voices "Closer You Are"
6. Zounds "Can't Cheat Karma"
7. The Distillers "Die on a Rope"
8. The Vandals "Pat Brown"
9. Misfits "Last Caress"
10. Replacements "Left of the Dial"
11. Rolling Stones "Heart of Stone"
12. Suicide "Cherree"
13. Avail "Dixie"
14. Ted Leo/Pharmacists "Since You've Been Gone/Maps"
15. Spoon "Anything You Want"


Wow, Ben. We can find very little fault with this list, although we'd probably go with a Distillers track from the first record, and if you're rollin' in a 'Mog, the natural Ted Leo choice is The Ballad of the Sin Eater (which we in fact rocked at karaoke just last night). And we totally agree anarcho punk and ridiculous vehicles are always a great combo. One of these days some guy will drive by cranking Rudimentary Peni in an Enzo and we'll just let go in our drawers right there. As a stupid name-drop side note, we were once interviewing Avail and Tim Barry mentioned that guitarist Joe Banks had totally redone their tour van himself. We couldn't help ourselves and asked, "Did he just use One Wrench?" We've rarely inspired so many groans.

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