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The Dutch Nuon team (reportedly not an anagram of a major sponsor's favorite guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt) and their Nuna 3 solar racer are on an expected record pace in this year's World Solar Challenge. Currently an hour ahead of the rest of the pack, The Fliegende Niederl nder are expected barring rain, errant wombats and unplanned, long-winded publicity appearances by Paul Hogan to roll into Adelaide Wednesday afternoon.

Second through fifth place were occupied by the University of Michigan; Melbourne, Australia's Aurora (tied with Japan's Sky Ace Tiga); and our personal favorite, Taiwan's Formosun 3, a vehicle which would most certainly do Chiang Kai-Shek proud. Will the Dutch hang on? Will unforseen catastrophe strike? Will the last of the V8 Interceptors attempt to sabotage these peace-loving solar vehicle drivers? If they can make it through Bartertown without being waylaid by Auntie Entity and her minions, they should be okay.

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