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Okay kids, we're into day three of our rock 'n' roll playlist contest. Keep sending 'em in, and we'll keep critiquing your submissions. The deadline's Wednesday evening. The prizes are courtesy of the fine folks at Gearhead Records and include a t-shirt of your choice, as well as some choice slabs of rock 'n' roll. So keep the entries coming...we've seen some amazing stuff already. Remember, pick a Benz, any Benz, and choose fifteen songs appropriate to the vehicle. Include an explanation if you want. Please remember, there's an umlaut in Mot rhead. Forget that, and Lemmy's liable to move in next door to you and kill your lawn. Once again, the rules.

Craig weighs in with this list:

SLK AMG Black w/ Red interior top down

1. Seaweed "Magic Mountainman"
2. Jawbreaker "Bivouac"
3. Afghan Whigs "Crime Scene Part One"
4. Gameface "Hey Radio"
5. Motorhead "Ace of Spades"
6. Muse "Hysteria"
7. Quicksand "Thorn In My Side"
8. Public Enemy "Bring The Noise"
9. Swervedriver "Duel"
10. No Knife "Academy Flight Song"
11. Juliana Theory "Is Patience Still Waiting?"
12. Evergreen Terrace "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
13. Sunny Day Real Estate "Seven"
14. Lazlo Bane "Overkill"
15. Mogwai "My Father, My King"


Man, this one started off with promise...Seaweed great opener, straight into the ballsy maneuver of placing perennial mixtape-ending noisefuck emo-opus "Bivouac" second. Points lost for the lacking umlaut in Mot rhead. No Knife covering Burma? Nice. And then it all starts to fall apart with the Juliana Theory and SDRE. Appropriate soundtrack for a lesser SLK, possibly, but not anything by AMG. Bonus points for busting out with Quicksand and PE though. (Still, we're partial to the version of "Bring the Noise" featuring Anthrax).

DJ ArcSine busts forth with his mad knowledge of angry Teutonic rockas:

Here's my take on a mixtape for a brand new G55 AMG. Geared for iron-fisted urban vehicular domination! All very angry German bands! Well, Slick Idiot is a German immigrant band and Beborn Beton isn't all that angry, but anyway...

1. And One "Deutschmaschine"
2. Rotersand "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy"
3. Funker Vogt "The Race is On"
4. OOMPH! "Der Neue Gott"
5. Noisex "Lust.Skull"
6. Galan Pixs "Liebeslektion" (Obsession Mix)
7. E-Craft "Titten"
8. Fiendflug "Stukas im Visier"
9. Slick Idiot "It Won't Do"
10. Laibach "Tanz mit Laibach"
11. SITD "Richtfest"
12. Forma Tadre "Plasmasleep"
13. Wumpscut "Die in Winter" (Haujobb remix)
14. Beborn Beton "Vorbei" (Fab7 remix)
15. Melotron "Folge Mir Ins Licht"


Wow, ArcSine. The only two bands we've heard on this list are Wumpscut and Laibach, so we're wholly unqualified to judge your entry. We dig the concept, though. A for effort. Not last place.

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