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Lexus will give its top-of-the-mast sedan a new look for 2007, apparently incorporating cues from Ford's Five Hundred to augment (or would that be diminish?) its S-Class pretensions. (Admittedly, we only have one angle with which to construct our criticism.) Judging from the test mule, caught during Arizona scorch testing, the new model will take on a more minimalist rear 4/5ths, reminiscent of the last-generation Merc E-Class. From the front it appears the current model's Merc-like face will endure, but that could be a ruse. We do know it'll be getting a larger-displacement V8, and Toyota's 600h hybrid engine. Road and Track says the hybrid will produce around 500 hp (400 from the engine and 100 from the electric motor), making it less a greenie limousine than a BMW-baiting sports sedan.

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