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While we've yet to get a line on when the 2006 VW Golf R32 4Motion will come to the US, at least we've heard it is coming, a prospect that was vague up until earlier this week. According to Autocar, The UK model will cost around 23,745 for the three-door, six-speed manual, which will likely translate into slightly more than $30,000 (not a direct currency exchange) in the states, where it will compete with its Audi A3 cousin. The 2006 R32's 3.2-liter V6 gets a 10hp boost, via FSI technology (that's direct injection to the acronymically challenged), to 247hp. A Haldex AWD system doles the power to the four corners like a meth-addicted croupier. A DSG autoshift box is a $1,600 option in the UK, and reduces zero-to-62 mph times to 6.2 seconds from the manual's 6.5 seconds. Then again, if a well-stocked 2006 Audi A3 — with similar performance — stickers for around $31,000, maybe VW will back the price into the 20s. Keep hope alive.

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