Watch This Qatari Racer Blow An Engine On A Massive Sand Dune

If you're sitting behind the wheel of a truck with a supercharged V8 staring up at a giant sand dune, the only thing to do is mash the accelerator to the floor and hope for the best.


Unfortunately for this Qatari truck racer, the best didn't come. Instead, his engine blew up. Bad for him, but a pretty good fireworks show for everyone watching. I watched a brick of C4 explode once, and it wasn't this cool.

(Hat tip to $kaycog!)

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Kit 'Haddy' Iwamatsu

Lopey/high overlap Cam, Nitrous, Supercharged? I bet he went to grab another gear and let the RPMs drop under 3k with an intake full of fuel and spray.

Probably a Nitrous Backfire.