Dust off that monocle and get your favorite Grey Poupon joke ready, it's time for the 2013 Salon Privé auto show! The Salon is three-day automobile event with the kind of aristocratic flair only the Brits could pull off without irony. As described by the organizers:

"It is a presentation of the very finest automotive and luxury brands as well as the rarest and most valuable of classic cars and motorcycles, all of which are beautifully displayed on the lawns of one the country's most spectacular stately homes, Syon Park."


Regardless of how you feel about paying $300 to get into a car show, the English elite brought some lovely vehicles to the event. Collectors, large automakers, and boutique outfits were all represented making for a nice dynamic photo album of car porn for us.

Here's the official event website for specifics. Should you find yourself in London over the next few days, perhaps you can weasel your way past the velvet rope!

Source: Salon Privé