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A few years ago, a friend of ours won the Chip Foose Design Excellence award at the Grand National Roadster show. When Foose presented him with the award onstage, our friend leaned over, pointed at the trophy a two-foot black-anodized pencil milled from aluminum billet and quietly said to him, "This is what my dick feels like right now." Foose didn't quite know how to respond, but we've always liked him anyway.

Never a man with a lot of time on his hands, Chip's nevertheless always willing to take an interest in what somebody's doing; he encouraged us quite a bit when we first started out in this auto-journalism racket, in some cases bringing up and complimenting us on stories we'd written a year before; the guy absolutely deserves every bit of fame he's earned. He'll be at this year's Route 66 Rendezvous in San Berdoo this weekend. Stop by and ask him for Courtney Hansen's number.

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