Watch America’s First Ferrari F12 Get Auctioned For $1.25 Million

We already knew that Ferrari was going to auction the first F12 in America for Hurricane Sandy relief at the Austin GP this weekend. Now we have the country-fried video.


It's fantastic seeing such a high-brow exotic getting auctioned in Texas by a guy with an accent thicker than molasses. More than that, it's great to see Ferrari and a bunch of the upper class step up and donate to the Red Cross and Sandy relief.

Supercars might be little more than ways for rich people to show off how rich they are to us peasants, but they can do some good, too.

(Hat tip to Drake Mumford!)


Ash78, voting early and often

I've really enjoyed seeing them play up the "UBER TEXAS" image over the past couple weeks surrounding the USGP. It's kind of amusing because I know (and work with) tons of Texans — mostly from Houston, Dallas, Austin — and they've all just been rolling their eyes at the excessive playing-up of a rural Texas image for such a big, sophisticated international event...held in a very modern, left-wing city full of hipsters, students, and politicians.

Maybe next year at Spa they'll all dress up like lords and serfs and stage mock battles against the invading Germanic tribes.