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If the old maxim is true that what's good for the city that lent its name to Daytona Beach is good for America... Ahem. MSNBC picks up on a local look at the increase of used-car sales in Dayton, OH, which could be an indicator of what's happening around the country. With dealers glutted with trade-ins, interest rates rising and employee discount plans starting to fall by the wayside, more people are thinking used.

Which could take its toll on cities like Dayton; home to automaker and supplier plants alike. However, dealers remain optimistic about the fourth-quarter push, and certainly this year's seeing a glut of new models unlike any in recent memory. Call us at year's end. Then we'll be able to definitively tell you if Americans blew their wad over the summer and don't have anything left for back-to-school. Sound good? We'll talk then. No, we promise we won't change our number. That's just rude.

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