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Sorry about the Nazareth reference there; we were reading a great interview with Ian MacKaye and his mom earlier, wherein he explains making her a tape of just that song 30 times over because she loves it so much. What a good punk rock son. In any event, as we reported last spring, Ford's preparing to sell off Hertz, a move which may net the automaker as much as $15 billion.

The Detroit News' anonymous tipster is hiding behind the glorious mask of anonymity in hopes that he won't get the finger if the deal goes sour. The two groups vying for Hertz' affections are, in the left corner, The Carlyle Group, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and Merrill Lynch & Co; while in the right corner we have Bain Capital, The Blackstone Group, Texas Pacific Group and Thomas H. Lee Partners. May the best bunch of stupid-rich fookers win!

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