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"The satisfaction of the new Ford Fusion is the same as laundry all folded and put away quietly important and necessary to an ordered world." β€” Dan Neil, Los Angeles Times

Sure, the civilized world demands order. What good is an intercity train with satellite TV, hot showers and bottomless gin and tonics, for example, if it constantly runs an hour late, or the wheels just fall right off on a curve? (Full disclosure: We'd likely choose the TV, shower and G&Ts over arriving anywhere, late or otherwise.) Of course, Ford wanted more out of its Fusion than mere adequacy. It wanted a hot, youth-oriented, affordable sports sedan; one that attracts a kind of pick-up wholly different from that Enterprise rent-a-car offers. But according to our man Dan, Ford may have inadvertently (or quite vertently) stumbled on a paradox in our current cultural climate, which could lead to even greater success: sober and sane is the new sexy.

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