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Volkswagen and Universal Studios will carve yet another notch in their media synergy six-guns later this year, when VW's Touareg appears in Universal's "King Kong," directed by Peter Jackson. The off-roader won't likely reprise the role of Sedan Chair Carried by Indigenous Servants, from the original, 1933 release, but rather interpret the part to include lots of casual traipsing through rainy, forrest-y terrain. Also expect the angry ape to probably not step directly on any of the Touaregs, or at least offer to exchange insurance information if it does. [Update: Ok, ok, the Touareg won't actually appear in King Kong, which will be set in the 1930s, but it will be part of an extensive tie-in campaign that plays on the Touareg's sutability for both back-lot and jungle duty. Plus, VW will show off a Kong-themed Touareg at the Frankfurt motor show next week (Thanks, Thomas)]

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