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If we had an eBay Catch of the Day feature, this Bizzarrini 1300 Barchetta would be the first on it. Not because it's a good deal at a currently-below-reserve $50,000 (who knows?), but because its cool and rare (allegedly one of three), and because we say so. The Bizz 1300 shares a 1.3-liter, high-revving buzzbox with the Fiat 128 Rally, meaning it's pretty fast, noisy and probably leaks a good deal of oil (just buy some extra kitty litter). It was designed by the son of the great Giotto Bizzarrini after the elder's company had gone under in 1969, meaning it was a torch bearer for a lost, artful carbuilder. Buy it now and hang it from the ceiling; just make sure it's not over a white carpet. [Update: Sorry guys. Link's fixed now.]

BIZZARRINI 128P Targa Florio 1300 Sport Barchetta RARE! [eBay]

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