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We can't say that we've been closely following the trials and travails of the making of Pixar's new Cars, but we keep our tin in the wind in hopes of any new news. The Disney freaks at Jim Hill Media have posted some new stills from the film, of which an expanded look appears on the brand spankin' new 10th Anniversary Toy Story DVD. The shot above is of Cheech Marin, George Carlin and Paul Dooley's characters. Paul Dooley? We thought it was supposed to be R. Lee Ermey as the Jeep! That's it. Forget it. We're not seeing it now. [Update: we went back and checked the original story that mentioned Ermey was to play the Jeep. The sneaky sneaks at Jim Hill Media went and changed the ID of the Jeep's voice actor to Dooley. But we know we originally read Ermey's name there. And that's all that matters. Poot.]

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