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That's it, people. Put your e-tablets down, it's time to vote on the best spec image of what a new Volkswagen four-door "coupe" would look like if it were produced today. Word is, VW may make some sort of announcement at the Frankfurt show, but we're not holding our breaths. Click through to vote for your favorite from among the best entries submitted by readers. Some entries are more polished than others, but in the end, the choice is democratically yours. We'll keep the voting open until the last press day of the Frankfurt show (Wednesday, September 14th) at which time we'll announce the winner, and prize. (We'll issue daily reminders as well.) Good luck, and godspeed you crazy design freaks, you. [Update: In several cases, we received multiple images from entrants. When that happened, we picked our favorite for the vote, with emphasis on front-facing shots. In essence, it's one vote per entrant, not entry.]

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